High power laser ideally matched to your application.

Extremely compact and suitable for industrial environment.

  • High power diode pumped YVO laser
  • Adjustable repetition rate
  • Two blocks, the laser head and the control box for flexible integration
  • All on board, DSP digital signal processor, marking software
  • USB and Ethernet connectivity
  • Air cooled
  • Long lasting laser diode lifetime based on single emitter diode technology
  • Excellent dynamic response in grey tones for bit map files in ID plastic card

Technical Specifications

  • Output power: 8w
  • Mode of operation: Active Q-switched
  • Typical pulse width: 15 ns
  • Repetion rate: 10 up to 100 kHz
  • Operating voltage 24VDC: 6 A ( 5%)
  • Pulse energy: 400 J
  • Instantaneous power: 26 kW
  • Beam quality: 1.9 M
  • Main wavelength: 1064 nm (Infrared)
  • Aiming beam wavelength: 635 nm (Red)
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