Our Mission

Promote and provide laser solutions for marking and industrial demanding applications by offering high value systems, products and services.

The Company

M-PIX is a subsidiary of MURRPLASTIK GmbH ( that link the passion and competence of 30 and more years of experience in the laser industry together with the will and the desire to invest in a market that is still full of opportunities.

Murrplastik is a German family company that manufacturers innovative solutions and products for all cable and labelling needs, providing unique and challenging solutions in the areas of cable protection, cable marking, labelling, automation and robotic equipment. Its high-tech plastic products can be found in just about every industrial sector, ranging from to the rail to the automotive industries through toolmaking and mechanical engineering to electrical and medical engineering, packaging and woodworking.

Murrplastik Group

M-PIX develops, designs and manufactures laser sources, thanks to the competence and expertise of talented engineering team.

We have a extensive capability in laser application and integration thanks to many years of experience in the international laser market, working tightly with first class laser component suppliers and important integrator companies.

Main Business Focus

Our manufacturing is dedicated to:

Production of Laser Marking product (MP2; ...)

OEM Laser Source Solutions (MP-Dots; MP-DD30...)

Laser System Integration

Our target markets:




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